Victoza® Weight Loss Journey - Continuously Updated Weight Log

Published: 2023-07-12 // Last Modified: 2023-09-20 // Related blog posts

I’ll be keeping the table below updated along with every weight-log post going forward along with my goals as I reach them. I weigh myself every Wednesday but will update this with a post every other Wednesday (dates below). I am very excited to see how much this can help and lets see what the numbers (hopefully) fall. Going to be wild to see what a bit of help from the right medication can do for my weight and overall health.


DateWeight (kg)% Change (per fortnight)% Total Change
2023-07-12192.2 kg
2023-07-26190.2 kg⬇ -1.04%⬇ -1.04%
2023-08-09188.8 kg⬇ -0.7%⬇ -1.76%
2023-08-23187.7 kg⬇ -0.58%⬇ -2.34%
2023-09-06187.3 kg⬇ -0.21%⬇ -2.54%
2023-09-20188.1 kg⬆ +0.42%⬇ -2.13%