Weight Log: 35 - No More Detours

Published: 2023-10-04 // Progress since last post: -0.8 kg

Latest recorded weight:

187.3 kg - 412.9 lb - 29 stone and 6.9 lb - BMI: 57.8

Numbers down! In fact, back to the weight I was in Weight Log: 34 and honestly was not expecting it.

So while I have got my diet back on track I did go away and spend a lovely (and very needed) weekend away with my better half and her family. Had a big roast dinner and desserts while I was there and in my head if I have anything like that then I worry that it’ll just ruin me for a week. This time, nope!

Mentally, nothing to really report. I have curbed my diet again which drains some of my mental batteries but mostly just same old. Work is lots of work but I am managing. Hoping to have Friday 13th and Saturday 14th October off work but looking at my workload, it’s not guaranteed.

Exercise still walking only but noticed again my walking is better again and stairs are less of a pain. I did tweak my back from sleeping funny before and while away for the weekend so that sucks. When I have a bit more confidence in my heart health in general, I am going to invoke my work benefit and get back into a gym. Target is at least once a week for an hour of cardio and weights with the aim to improve my overall fitness.

Diet 👌 / Mental willpower 😫 / Exercise 🚶‍♂️

It’s all looking positive compared to around this time last year (November) where I was walking with a cane and struggling to walk around big Tesco. Still weighing myself weekly, not going to change that just yet I have decided.

Next post is 18th October and I aim to get it posted before my 4pm Flu/COVID jab. 💉 😷

Anyway, here’s the gif:~