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Out of All the Things I Have Lost, I Miss My Mind the Most.

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updated: 2023-12-13

Victoza® Weight Loss Journey - Continuously Updated Weight Log

I’ll be keeping the table below updated along with every weight-log post going forward along with my goals as I reach them. I weigh myself every Wednesday but will update this with a post every other Wednesday (dates below). I am very excited to see how much this can help and lets see what the numbers (hopefully) fall. Going to be wild to see what a bit of help from the right medication can do for my weight and overall health.

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Weight loss accountability posts


Weight Log: 40 - Milestone missed, but...

Latest recorded weight: 184.2 kg (weekly avg) - 406.1 lb - 29 stone and 0.1 lb - BMI: 56.9 A day late and as the title suggests and the numbers above show, I did not make it to my target… but I did still lose weight overall. That’s a win right? I’m trying not to let my missed goal get to me as I did still lose weight and start to build better fitness habits.


Weight Log: 39 - Sickness, Depression... But We Carry On

Latest recorded weight: 185.4 kg (weekly avg) - 408.7 lb - 29 stone and 2.7 lb - BMI: 57.2 Not the best follow up from the frankly amazing loss of the last post. While my weight on the day is 184.2 kg, the weekly average is what I am using to measure post to post and I am up just ever so slightly. So what happened between now and 2 weeks ago?


Weight Log: 38.5 - A Strong Start

Latest recorded weight: 185.1 kg (weekly avg) - 408.1 lb - 29 stone and 2.1 lb - BMI: 57.1 9.4 lbs lost in 2 weeks 😮 That’s not bad going lol. This has been tough but with some structure and an amazing support network I’ve made a great start. Next post I will give a full on 1 month in review on my diet, mental and fitness habits but safe to say, so far going strong.


Weight Log: 38 - Now Let's Start 2024

Latest recorded weight: 189.4 kg - 417.6 lb - 29 stone and 11.6 lb - BMI: 58.5 Christmas, done. New Years, done. Winter vacation with my better half 💕, done! Let’s officially start 2024. Mentally I’m in a great place right now. That winter escape with my partner was exactly what we both needed after a busy year and very chaotic December. Deep in the heart of the lake district away from everything, just us and the stars.

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