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Out of All the Things I Have Lost, I Miss My Mind the Most.

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Weight Log: 8 - Just the weight update

Latest recorded weight: 181.4 kg - 399.9 lb - 28 stone and 7.9 lb - BMI: 56 Back to regular blogging 1st July.


Weight Log: 7 - No title

Latest recorded weight: 180.3 kg - 397.5 lb - 28 stone and 5.5 lb - BMI: 55.6 With a very emotional anniversary coming ever closer, I’ve faltered on my eating some what. On top of that, just had 4 days of big eating to celebrate a birthday and finally being able to have family, friends etc indoors since Christmas. Still going to the gym for over an hour each time, 2-3 times a week.


Weight Log: 6 - Stalled and stressed

Latest recorded weight: 179.3 kg - 395.3 lb - 28 stone and 3.3 lb - BMI: 55.3 Stalled progress. Things became stalled once again and the cause, 29th April’s thing. Because of that, I had to stop overly stressing my heart (including going to the gym) until given the nod that it was okay. Because of that I got more panic/stress eaty to cope with my worries and just couldn’t focus on doing the right things.


Weight Log: 5 - Best result so far! - But health blip...

Latest recorded weight: 178.1 kg - 392.6 lb - 28 stone and 0.6 lb - BMI: 55.0 Best result so far! Whoh! Okay! Was not expecting this at all. Dropped a whole BMI point 👀. I did get my eating back under some control which is great. I had started going back to the gym twice a week since 12th April when it all opened up again from the ongoing Lockdown.

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