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Out of All the Things I Have Lost, I Miss My Mind the Most.

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updated: 2023-12-13

Victoza® Weight Loss Journey - Continuously Updated Weight Log

I’ll be keeping the table below updated along with every weight-log post going forward along with my goals as I reach them. I weigh myself every Wednesday but will update this with a post every other Wednesday (dates below). I am very excited to see how much this can help and lets see what the numbers (hopefully) fall. Going to be wild to see what a bit of help from the right medication can do for my weight and overall health.

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Weight Log: 40.5 - Why No Blog Posts?

tl;dr~ Weight stagnation and repeating health issues causing issue. So in more details, why no blog posts for 3 months? Because nothing has changed, at least with what I’m doing and with my weight. I’m still eating more protein, still eating more structured times, still doing more fruit and veg, finally still (most days) in a deficit. Lots of weight fluctuations but just being stagnate. Mental health has been iffy mostly due to an emotional anniversary but sleep wise I’ve been doing good again.


Weight Log: 40 - Milestone missed, but...

Latest recorded weight: 184.2 kg (weekly avg) - 406.1 lb - 29 stone and 0.1 lb - BMI: 56.9 A day late and as the title suggests and the numbers above show, I did not make it to my target… but I did still lose weight overall. That’s a win right? I’m trying not to let my missed goal get to me as I did still lose weight and start to build better fitness habits.


Weight Log: 39 - Sickness, Depression... But We Carry On

Latest recorded weight: 185.4 kg (weekly avg) - 408.7 lb - 29 stone and 2.7 lb - BMI: 57.2 Not the best follow up from the frankly amazing loss of the last post. While my weight on the day is 184.2 kg, the weekly average is what I am using to measure post to post and I am up just ever so slightly. So what happened between now and 2 weeks ago?


Weight Log: 38.5 - A Strong Start

Latest recorded weight: 185.1 kg (weekly avg) - 408.1 lb - 29 stone and 2.1 lb - BMI: 57.1 9.4 lbs lost in 2 weeks 😮 That’s not bad going lol. This has been tough but with some structure and an amazing support network I’ve made a great start. Next post I will give a full on 1 month in review on my diet, mental and fitness habits but safe to say, so far going strong.

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