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Out of All the Things I Have Lost, I Miss My Mind the Most.

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Weight Log: 5 - Best result so far! - But health blip...

Latest recorded weight: 178.1 kg - 392.6 lb - 28 stone and 0.6 lb - BMI: 55.0 Best result so far! Whoh! Okay! Was not expecting this at all. Dropped a whole BMI point 👀. I did get my eating back under some control which is great. I had started going back to the gym twice a week since 12th April when it all opened up again from the ongoing Lockdown.


Weight Log: 4 - Stress eating strikes back

Latest recorded weight: 181.6 kg - 400.4 lb - 28 stone and 8.4 lb - BMI: 56.0 I suck at stress management. I’m back up to the weight I was at for Weight Log: 1 at the beginning of March and I can put this down to a poor coping mechanism, my stress eating. A poor excuse but something else I need to work on. As frustrating as it is, I am going to try and not let this blip get me down too much– Well if you’ve spoken to me already today, you know its getting me down but just need to keep going and see if I can curb things to get back on track.


Weight Log: 3.5 - New scales - New weight?!

Latest recorded weight: 179.8 kg - 396.4 lb - 28 stone and 4.4 lb - BMI: 55.5 New scales! Not much to say really. With new scales that go up to 200kg and have a larger standing area they gave me the same recording 3 times in a row so I’m happy. This does mean I will have to reset, start again with this being the new baseline since the last recordings were with different scales.


Weight Log: 3 - Scales are playing April fools...

Latest recorded weight: Unable to get stable measurement. Stalling weight loss. Not a weight loss story until you hit that wall huh? Low mood and Diverticulitis has been kicking my arse these recent weeks and well this didn’t help. I did bust out the scales middle of last week to check in before payday and.. scales said “ERR”. That hurt. I’m fasting for 18 hours a day and being strict about it.

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