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Out of All the Things I Have Lost, I Miss My Mind the Most.

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Weight Log: 11 - Feel Good Inc.

Latest recorded weight: 176.5 kg - 389.1 lb - 27 stone and 11.1 lb - BMI: 54.5 Continued Progress. It’s official, this is the lightest I’ve been since around October 2019. I’m eating better, feeling better and exercise has become just a part of my weekly routine. In the past I’ve hovered and plateaued around this weight so while I am relishing the in the continued weight progress, I need to not let things slip.


Weight Log: 10 - 125 days of Intermittent fasting

Latest recorded weight: 178.7 kg - 394 lb - 28 stone and 2 lb - BMI: 55.2 Late posting but positive progress. Two months of stalling, gaining and struggling with weight again has now started to tread back downwards. This weigh in has been a massive motivation boost. The struggles, months of posting with no real results, the amazing support from all… it’s starting to feel like its paying off.


Weight Log: 9 - My new normal

Latest recorded weight: 182.3 kg - 401.9 lb - 28 stone and 9.9 lb - BMI: 56.3 Progress? Just not in the numbers. Weighing myself today, I had no idea how it would be. My comfort binge eating is still an issue when something beats me and drains my mental energy. Some people drink booze, some people smoke, I eat. That being said its not all bad news. I have been building my new routine and have been going to the gym for 1 hour sessions three times a week for the past 2-3 weeks now.


Weight Log: 8 - Just the weight update

Latest recorded weight: 181.4 kg - 399.9 lb - 28 stone and 7.9 lb - BMI: 56 Back to regular blogging 1st July.

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