Weight Log: 38.5 - A Strong Start

Published: 2024-01-28 // Progress since last post: -4.3 kg

Latest recorded weight:

185.1 kg (weekly avg) - 408.1 lb - 29 stone and 2.1 lb - BMI: 57.1

9.4 lbs lost in 2 weeks 😮 That’s not bad going lol. This has been tough but with some structure and an amazing support network I’ve made a great start. Next post I will give a full on 1 month in review on my diet, mental and fitness habits but safe to say, so far going strong. Stronger than I expected.

“Quick” review: Diet has been way more structured and planned to accommodate my work/life day to day. Preparing lunch when I get home from work has been a real boon. Plenty of extra protein (since I need a ridiculous amount…) and at least 2 apples a day. Going for a walk during my lunch break has been one of the best moves I could make physically and mentally. Going from a 0.5 km walk to now being able to walk around 1.5 km to 2 km during my break much easier than ever before. I’ve managed to walk 6 days a week with my target being between 4-5 days of walking a week. My yesterday I did pull a muscle in my right leg so that needs some rest and keeping an eye on. I’ve been dealing with the daily fluctuations of weight much better mentally, well to be honest its only gone up twice and both days I walked around 2 km. Again the support and love has been helping me really push myself too so thank you everyone 💕.

Diet 🍗 🍎 / Mental willpower 😅 💕 / Exercise 🚶‍♂️ 🚶‍♂️ / Victoza® ❌

Full 1 month review coming in 2 weeks. Little victories, big results 🤞.

Anyway, here’s the gif.