Weight Log: 40.5 - Why No Blog Posts?

Published: 2024-06-12

tl;dr~ Weight stagnation and repeating health issues causing issue.

So in more details, why no blog posts for 3 months? Because nothing has changed, at least with what I’m doing and with my weight.

I’m still eating more protein, still eating more structured times, still doing more fruit and veg, finally still (most days) in a deficit. Lots of weight fluctuations but just being stagnate. Mental health has been iffy mostly due to an emotional anniversary but sleep wise I’ve been doing good again. Waking up a few times more than normal but more on that later. Fitness again, just same old. Gym 2 times a week with general low-intensity exercises and more walking in between sessions. Last few sessions I’ve pushed myself with both cardio and weight training. Loving the gym but with with other health things going on, its been more of a struggle plus my back has been playing me up recently.

So what has changed? General health. Here is that “but more on that later” bit.

Dealing with neuropathy pain in some of my fingers and feet. I was on some great meds for it and will be going back on them Friday until the cause of the neuropathy is dealt with (it’s not diabetes). My leg ulcer appears to have become infected again and after some sleuthing from my lovely partner, what I thought might have been a spider bite that happened like 2 years ago now could have been a tick bite! Scary. The ulcer has not opened up again, has not started leaking, but there is a red ring around the wound and I have been up and down with fevers so, again, Doctors on Friday for some antibiotics and some confused looks from everyone. All this is just such a drain (physically) and weight loss is hard when your sick.

So what’s next?

Well there is some good, all be it slow moving news. Got a letter from the weight clinic at the hospital telling my GP that since Victoza® (liraglutide) is not in supply and with no end in sight, that I should start Mounjaro® (tirzepatide) Injections with immediate effect!… well as fast as my over subscribed, under staffed, under funded GP surgery can do, which is maybe 1st July. At least my appointment about this is 1st July (blood test related to this is happening Thursday) and all sounds promising. Slow but promising.

Until then, I’m just treading water. Going to overcome this infection and pains to get healthy and that should boost me agin.

Until then, nothing to really blog about. Next post, whenever I have some news!

Also, no gif.