Weight Log: 39 - Sickness, Depression... But We Carry On

Published: 2024-02-11 // Progress since last post: +0.3 kg

Latest recorded weight:

185.4 kg (weekly avg) - 408.7 lb - 29 stone and 2.7 lb - BMI: 57.2

Not the best follow up from the frankly amazing loss of the last post. While my weight on the day is 184.2 kg, the weekly average is what I am using to measure post to post and I am up just ever so slightly. So what happened between now and 2 weeks ago? Title is a give away but let me explain.

To start I pulled a muscle in my right leg 2 weeks ago. That caused me to try a reduced walk on Monday and having a full rest Tuesday. Only managed 2 decent walks (and 3 smaller walks) that week. Add on to that, I hit my wall and started to really feel that lethargy that comes with B12 deficiency. That Tuesday last week though was a rough day mentally for no reason. Just woke up and I could feel I was not right… depression is a bitch that never really goes away. Been a long while since I had a depressive episode, that black cloud hanging over me… this one hit hard. Still feeling sick didn’t help but I pushed myself too far mentally and physically. I was in a funk for a good few days which really threw me off balance. Sleep hasn’t felt enough since either which I know isn’t helping. That snowball going the wrong way.

Roll into this week and work just got manic. Monday I was sick but pushed to work from home still. Thursday I didn’t stop for a lunch break at all then Tuesday (still a bit sick) and Friday I only got 20 mins of a partial walk done with another small walk Wednesday in the evening before getting my 12 weekly B12 injection. I should have a bit more pep in me soon enough.

With my mind still in a fog, not seeing that number on the scale go down as much did get to me a bit but by today I could see things are still moving in the right direction. We carry on!

Lets get to that full 1 month review of each of the changes I wanted to make:–

Diet changes: More protein with every meal, fruit/veg with every meal and sticking to a schedule.
A huuuuuuuuge thanks to my long friend Alain for helping me get more of a grasp on this then I would have alone. I’m counting calories and keeping in a deficit (mostly) while focusing on prep, protein and bulking out things with fruit & veg. I’ve been very successful at preparing lunch when I get home from work as well as actually eating it at work. I tend to eat my lunch around 12 pm while going for my walk around 2 pm. 2 apples a day minimum as well. One as a morning snack while catching up with work emails and the other as a post-walk snack. This increase in healthier stuff has knocked my guts into a small bit of chaos 💩 but it will adjust. Might need to aim for slight more of a deficit as well as reducing salt intake. Got to love my fucked funky metabolism.

Mental changes: Take my sleep medication by 11 pm at least 5 nights a week.
For the most part I have been sticking to this bed time and such but not always feeling rested. Sleep has been a bit up and down since/with the depressive episode. Lacking in quality needed, not feeling as rested etc. Add on the lethargy from B12 deficiency and its been a real drain on me. I can’t predict weeks where I just end up in a dark cloud mentally, but I always try to talk to people. Those talks turn to me just venting and wanting a good hug. I think I’m over the hill for this episode. I think a few earlier nights might be needed to reset and catch up.

Fitness changes: Start some low-intensity exercises, walking on my lunch break.
Little walks have been happening, even outside of work. Local town park is nice and level (shame about the pay and display parking) plus I have a nice little loop around where I live. Not great but its something. Lunch time walks have been going okay but lacked a bit recently. I’ll do better. Even have some better shoes as my feet were really suffering. The wall push-ups have not happened admittedly and dumbbell use has been on and off. I’ve placed them in my bedroom windowsill instead of my home office so I see them in my distraction free environment and remember just to do my routine with them to build some of that arm strength and get the heart moving a bit on lazier days. I have plans to use the work gym (since I get free access) to do some indoor cycling (spinning) after work as its open and empty at 5 pm. Not sure when yet but I have my eyes on you spinning machine!

Diet 🍗 🍎 / Mental willpower 😔 / Exercise 🐢 👟 / Victoza® ❌

So what’s my next milestone? My little target to aim for?

Well my birthday is a little over 4 weeks away on 12th March and it just so happens Sunday 10th March is a blog day. So I am determined to lose 4 kg in the next 4 weeks. This will bring me to below 400 lb again and has been a goal of mine for a while. 4 kg in 4 weeks I believe to be doable in a healthy way so let’s aim for that.

Won’t be doing a half post update this time, so next blog post will be Weight Log: 40 on 10th March.
Lets get to 181.4 kg before I turn 33.

Anyway, here’s the gif.