Weight Log: 37 - Victoza® Shortages, Withdrawal Sucked

Published: 2023-12-03 // Progress since last post: +1.1 kg

Latest recorded weight:

187.8 kg - 414 lb - 29 stone and 8 lb - BMI: 58.0

Well it happened, it finally happened. I got lucky last month with my GP’s pharmacist managing to find me one Victoza® pen to tide me over. Since then its been radio silence with them and nothing but “global shortage in supply” as a response from my regular pharmacy. The Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England have advised that supply of GLP1-RAs is not expected to return to normal until at least mid-2024. Ouch.

So what does this mean? As with stopping any form of drug, it meant withdrawal. I ran out on 25th November with a work trip to head office from 27th until 1st December. Withdrawal symptoms started hard on Tuesday with some terrible nausea but I avoided the vomiting at least. Nausea lasted about 3 days with the worst being Tuesday night which was filled with cold sweats, nausea and dizziness to boot.

Diet, mental willpower and exercise time. Well as I mentioned, I went away for a week to North Wales to work at head office for the week on some projects and for Christmas get together. Was a good week away and very productive work wise but when I go away I do end up working a 6 day week and oh boy I was mentally drained come the end of Saturday work (yesterday). Diet has wobbled since the Victoza® ran out and the cravings have come back like an endless hunger. Mentally I’ve just been busy and tired… need a holiday. Exercise, still walking but I have found some foods and habits that bloat me then make walking just exhausting rather than the breeze it has been so made some mental notes to avoid.

Diet 😟 / Mental willpower 😫 / Exercise 🚶‍♂️ / Victoza® ❌

Not putting my hopes on getting a dose of Victoza® anytime soon. My endocrinologist is going to be pissed annoyed as we fought for bloody ages to get me on the drugs and now “due to a surge in off label prescriptions of the drug semaglutide which is outstripping supply.”. Oh well 🤷.

Anyway, here’s the gif:~