Weight Log: 32.5 - 14 days of Victoza®

Published: 2023-07-26 // Progress since last post: -2.0 kg

Latest recorded weight:

190.2 kg - 419.3 lb - 29 stone and 13.3 lb - BMI: 58.7

Solid start! Back to where I was 5th April 2023. I will admit it was lower (back to where I was in Feb 2023) but I still have some bad habits with stress and food. Still learning how thing changes how my body works/feels.

Of the most common side effects of Victoza® I’ve only had minor diarrhoea, some constipation and decreased appetite. Yes while decreased appetite is a side effect, the main effect of the for weight loss is removing cravings. I don’t feel cravings for, well anything. It is so hard to describe but like all desire, craving, want for food is… gone! Its slowed down my eating a noticeable amount. Made me feel fuller, quicker. All this from Day 2. Feeling hopeful with all this but still lots of hard work. This just makes it easier.

I’ll be keeping a chart in a post titled “Victoza® Weight Loss Journey - Continuously Updated Weight Log” which I will update along with every Weight Log post going forward. I’m very excited to see how much this can help, still early days but lets see what the numbers show.

Diet 😕 👍 / Mental willpower 😙 / Exercise 🚶‍♂️

See you in two weeks, here’s the gif:~