Weight Log: 28 - A Positive U-Turn

Published: 2022-11-02 // Progress since last post: -2.8 kg

Latest recorded weight:

185.3 kg - 408.5 lb - 29 stone and 2.5 lb - BMI: 57.2

Weight Creeping Down…

Some hard work, mental perseverance and support from those around me and I’ve turned the weigh journey around (again). Onwards and downwards! Right now though my stomach is really not happy with my efforts. I’m hoping it will adjust as the rest of me has started to feel healthier. Re-established my workday fasting, eating around 1500 calories a day which is well under. Doing a fair bit more walking (not that I did much…) compared to before but on the flip side my mobility has taken a noticeable hit. Being 31 and not as mobile as I feel I should be really hurts me. My weight is playing havoc with my back and right leg. For those who have not seen me for a while, most of my weight is all belly so front loaded. Imagine carrying a whole person on just your belly, it sucks. Even with me tailing off the blog ramblings to negative points, I am overall positive I can carry this on and keep things trending downwards. I got this.

NHS Giving Me The Run Around.

Let me preface this with a statement: I love and support the NHS. I would not be here without their selfless service and I’m grateful it is here and fingers crossed our current government doesn’t melt it down or make it fail.

All that said, right now the NHS here is becoming frustrating to deal with and probably through no fault of their own. The Doppler ultrasound I was due to have nearly 2 weeks ago was cancelled due to staff issues. 2 weeks later and after chasing I still don’t have a new appointment. Took 6 weeks+ to get the appointment and now I am left waiting, again. My leg ulcer is still static, not healing and the nurses at my GPs are waiting for the Doppler results to see if they can increase the compression on the leg to help it heal. Speaking of the leg and my GP, on 27th July they did all the paperwork to refer me to the leg ulcer clinic and I’ve yet to hear anything from the hospital about it. I’m frustrated, nurses are frustrated, the poor receptionist at hospital I keep calling is frustrated. Just chasing after help. Ugh, maybe next time I post I will have more positive news appointment wise.

Diet 😏 / Mental willpower 😌 / Exercise 🏃‍♂️

Next post is due 16th November 2022.

Anyway, gif:~