Weight Log: 22 - Definition of Insanity

Published: 2022-05-04 // Progress since last post: +3.4 kg

Latest recorded weight:

182.8 kg - 403 lb - 28 stone and 11 lb - BMI: 56.4

Back to where I was a month ago?

This makes no sense but okay… So while I’m once again up and back to the weight I was not only from 4 weeks ago but also when I started this, I measured myself yesterday and have lost 4 inches off my belly. Yet I’m the same weight? This is all just getting too farfetched… I’m doing the same thing over and over again but getting a different result? Ah sod it, keep doing and keep improving! I contacted my GP about the old medical diagnosis and that was a dead end. They concluded in 2018 that my size and stress levels were the cause of the symptoms. Unless a blood relative gets diagnosed with it, they will not check again.

Other than being utterly confused with how my weight is yo-yo’n so much harder now, I’m actually in a really good place! Things are good and the future is looking great.

Diet 😕 / Mental willpower 👌 / Exercise 🚶‍♂️

Nothing much else to say, just going to do more and I will catch you on 18th May 2022.

Anyway, here’s the gif:~