Weight Log: 20 - One year later...

Published: 2022-03-02 // Progress since last post: -0.3 kg

Latest recorded weight:

179.6 kg - 396 lb - 28 stone and 4 lb - BMI: 55.4

Working on sleep.

Don’t think I’ve written much on my sleep but so many studies say how important sleep is and I do agree. I have obstructive sleep apnoea which requires Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy on a nightly basis. Quite important to breath in your sleep, apparently. On top of that I have been diagnosed with insomnia which I am taking medication to try and knock me out. Safe to say, sleep is a struggle. So why talk about this now? Recently due to the various councils of Somerset doing ALL the roadworks at the same time along my commute, I had to fix my sleep to get up earlier to get to work on time. Side affect of this has been an improved sleep pattern and some semblance of routine once again. Huzzah!

Besides sleep, diet has been not great but not terrible. Fasting, again thanks to work/sleep changes, is back on form and pace. Looking to ramp back to 19 hours fasting but might have to scale back to no more than 17 hours fasting if it conflicts my diabetes. Post fasting food needs some work but a Snickers ‘Protein’ Bar and/or a banana has been working for beating cravings. Mental willpower has been really great and I’ve had just a boost in my mental health. Its a strange feeling to wake up with mental energy! Exercise is FINALLY back on the calendar. Only once a week but that is one hour a week more exercise then I was doing. Felt good to be back in the gym and while my leg strength didn’t fade too much, my arms really have suffered from my sedentary life. Feel Good Inc.

Diet 😐 / Mental willpower 😌 / Exercise 💪

Lessons learnt, maybe not applied.

On 18th February 2021 I wrote Weight Log: 0 - Accountability and began writing on a regular basis my thoughts and process focused on my weight problems. In that time I have lost drum roll please 3 kg!… in a little over a year. That is equal to 6.6 lbs or less than half a stone. Is this where I hoped to be? Nooooo, not at all. At my best weight this past 12 months I was 8.1 kg lighter (17.9 lb - 1 stone and 3.9 lb) but as things fell apart near the end of the year its mostly come back and plateaued.

Not all is lost though. I have learnt a lot about myself and how difficult I am. Determined but difficult. Everything is very up hill for me so taking a slip and fall does hit hard. I have also learnt I am very self critical, to a fault. I will flog myself over a mistake then the supportive people around me will point out how harsh I am being with myself. This is with everything not just my weight progress stuff. I am learning that I need to keep a positive spin or else I can and will spiral mentally. Find that good nugget to be proud of and push forward trying to be better.

Will I do better this year? Who knows, I hope so. Past 2 years have not been the smoothest in a global stress level and Q1 2022, oh boy Это безумие! As many a teacher through out my schooling has said to me: “You need to apply yourself and what you’ve learnt”. That is my goal for 2022, apply myself.

As always, stay safe people! Remember to take breaks from the news right now to avoid anxiety and burnout.
Half update coming 16th March 2022, few days after I turn 31 😬.

Anyway, here’s the gif:~

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