Weight Log: 19 - Build Back Better

Published: 2022-02-02 // Progress since last post: -1.3 kg

Latest recorded weight:

179.7 kg - 396.2 lb - 28 stone and 4.2 lb - BMI: 55.5

Objective: Survive - Complete.

January is a rough month make any meaningful changes. Always a “just survive” kind of month, at least for me. But survive I did and just a smidge heavier than I started the month. Not great but is what it is. Money was tight but thankfully I was working from home. Being at home has been a struggle for mental willpower especially when I’ve not been great at fasting. While I’ve not been terrible, it was bad enough. My trashed metabolism is really showing its ugly self… I do need to chase the endocrinologist about a diagnosis from October 2016 that was never followed up on. Hmm…

Speaking of hospitals, I finally had my dietitian appointment after being cancelled on for over 10 months. Talked more about eating slower to feel more fulfilled when eating and also talked about bariatric surgery. Now bariatric surgery scares me as I’ve never been under the knife so something to think about before my next dietitian appointment in 12 weeks time. I have already been told the waiting list is 18 months sooooooo long term goal? Willpower has improved as the month chugged along. Still little exercise. Again, just surviving.

Diet 🚫 💷 / Mental willpower 📈 / Exercise 🔜

Changes ahead.

February is here! February is the month of getting back to it. I’m now working back at the office, getting routines back into place, getting back on top of fasting/eating schedule. All that jazz. Not going to jump on it all at once but throughout February I’m going to build up step by step so by March I should be running like clock work. Man with a plan™. Monday gym days will be returning on 14th February with the goal of also doing Thursday gym days by March. Might start the gym sooner but right now I have some things to juggle and can’t commit to a Monday or Thursday until its done.

Something something “Build Back Better”. It’s a better catchphrase than “Levelling up”.

(I know I talk so much about “getting back to”, restarting routines etc but life is so wobbly and you will get knocked down. Just don’t let this world tear you apart. Keep going again and again…)

Also changing is when I make these blog posts. To make it easier for me and so I don’t rush these weight posts on busy work days, I have decided to post every first and third Wednesday of a month. Why Wednesday? Weekend Wednesday! I have traded my Saturdays off for Wednesdays and have been doing this since last summer. I do want to write about it after a year of doing it. Uhh side tracked… so on the first Wednesday of a month I will do a full post reviewing the month before and my plans ahead. The third Wednesday of a month post will be my half post with an update on the post from the first Wednesday and to log any progress.

So yeah. That’s about it. Not a lot to talk about for January to be honest.

As always, stay safe people! Despite what the government are shouting about we are still dealing with The Virus™ and it’s still not safe to catch.

Update coming 16th February 2022. (Weight Log - One year on.)

Anyway, here’s the gif:~

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