(Viral video: Nintendo 64 Kids)

Christmas day 1997 - Thames View House, Walton-on-Thames. This was the day I got my first gaming console, the start of my interest in gaming and curiosity in technology. My Nintendo 64! We were NOT an affluent family, for from it. Living in high rise social housing and just about getting by was our upbringing. Looking back now, this must have taken some effort for my Mum and step dad to save and get the console for Christmas.

I remember the first two games I owned that came with the console for me - Turok: Dinosaur Hunter & Extreme-G. Good memories of the Extreme-G opening menu and music on our living room TV. Not long after I got Super Mario 64, then Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (sadly, I no longer own this), GoldenEye 007 and Mario Kart 64. When traveling fortnightly to visit my Dad in Somerset, I used to pack my N64 with me and take it in a briefcase Mum had. I did this for years! Even ended up re-using the briefcase to later take my PlayStation 2 to and from Somerset.

To this day, I still own that childhood Nintendo 64 (covered in sticker residue and with a bit of Lego rattling inside). It’s setup in my home office connected to both a CRT TV and a capture card. I have various games, controllers and accessories for it and still play it time to time. This itch for my favourite gaming console has led me to look into collecting games for it and led me to making this page on my blog.

My goals? Slowly but surely own as many of the Nintendo 64 European PAL games released in the UK as an unboxed, playable collection. Here I will document each game I own and if something from the list below has a link, then there is a separate post specifically about that game (something I might do, don’t know yet).

Anyway, here’s the gif list:

The Nintendo 64 European/UK PAL Checklist