Weight Log: 9 - My new normal

Published: 2021-07-01 // Progress since last post: +0.9 kg

Latest recorded weight:

182.3 kg - 401.9 lb - 28 stone and 9.9 lb - BMI: 56.3

Progress? Just not in the numbers.

Weighing myself today, I had no idea how it would be. My comfort binge eating is still an issue when something beats me and drains my mental energy. Some people drink booze, some people smoke, I eat. That being said its not all bad news. I have been building my new routine and have been going to the gym for 1 hour sessions three times a week for the past 2-3 weeks now.

Progress has been made with exercise this post. I have been able to really push myself more and more, going for longer on each machine. This really came to light for me when 8 days ago I went to a local beach and walked without having to rest (much). Sounds silly right? Just walking? Well for me, walking is pain. I’m carrying 400lb on my frame, most of which is disproportionately front loaded (HUGE belly). So going for this walk at West Bay with manageable pain was a real sign of progress for me.

Medical news wise, I have a call with my clinical psychologist from the weight clinic next week (I might weigh myself the morning before the call) as well as yet another blood pressure check because my diastolic blood pressure (the smaller number) is still too high for my GP to be happy.

Need to be mindful: Diet / Mental willpower / Exercise.

My new normal.

This isn’t some rant about life post-lockdown(s). This is about the routine I am working towards. Fitting everything I want to do in and around my social commitments and work schedule. Speaking of new, expect these blog posts to be much later if the 1st or 15th fall on a work day.

Work wise, few things have changed. I am once again working from the company satellite office at Cheddar so I have a nearly daily commute again. Nearly daily? Here is the other change. I have had my standard office days of Monday to Friday changed. Let me introduce you to Weekend Wednesdays. I now work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at the office in Cheddar, then work Saturday from home. This means one less day of fuel expense, means I have a day during the standard work week to do things like goto doctor appointments and it nicely breaks up the week. A day off is never wasted but the work week feels less daunting now I have a break mid-week. Still have Sundays off but for 3 weeks out of 12 I will also be on call, no biggie and some extra money.

Beyond work changes, obvious other change is the gym. I am now pushing to exercise at the gym two times a week minimum with the goal right now being three times per week. Commuting narrows down my gym time window quite a bit but the other driving factor to my ideal gym hour is the parking. Yes, the parking. Between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday the car park is chargeable and I am far far too cheap to pay extra to PARK?! I do not want to pay £1.50 extra for my car to sit while I sweat.

So lets work this out. Saturdays & Sundays the gym has wonky opening hours (8am-3pm) and with me working Saturday that cuts that out. Sundays I want to keep free for social reasons because while I am an introvert, I still need some social interaction. Tuesdays I have Dungeons and Dragons so no gym that day either. Busy busy busy but need to MAKE time for exercise. So what’s left… 4 days in the week - perfect. I’ve taken to arriving at around 7pm, having my hour at the gym then collapsing in the evening. Every Sunday I’ve been booking up the sessions for the week ahead via the handy app. If I have an anti social Sunday I can always throw in a bonus session or rest, who knows.

For now I’m only utilising the gym but I do have plans to vary it up with some Aqua Fit classes which have weekly sessions both Monday and Thursday in the evenings, just need to get over my anxiety of swimming while being this large. A gym buddy would be welcome (hint hint, anyone?), going alone and jamming out to some metal playlist works for me also. While this is #TheGoal for my new normal, I also want to keep things somewhat flexible while also getting as much of my monies worth from my gym membership. Still intermittent fasting, still using some small weights and resistance bands at home as well. Still blogging.

Guess we will see how well I can apply this exercise plan. Lets see if I can juggle all the spinning plates. Next update on 15th!

Phew, this was a bit of a wordy one huh? I hope to elaborate more on Weekend Wednesdays in a dedicated post. Anyway, here’s the gif:~

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