Weight Log: 6 - Stalled and stressed

Published: 2021-05-15 // Progress since last post: +1.2 kg

Latest recorded weight:

179.3 kg - 395.3 lb - 28 stone and 3.3 lb - BMI: 55.3

Stalled progress.

Things became stalled once again and the cause, 29th April’s thing. Because of that, I had to stop overly stressing my heart (including going to the gym) until given the nod that it was okay. Because of that I got more panic/stress eaty to cope with my worries and just couldn’t focus on doing the right things. As I will explain later, that’s all now cleared up so time to get back to it. My 2 weeks not exercising has highlighted though that, for me, diet is not enough on its own. This means I need to step up my exercise and get in the right head space. Getting into the right head space is going to be toughest as right now I’d say I am deflated but determined. I still don’t have a healthy way of coping with stress and it showed when all this happened.

Diet / Mental willpower / Exercise - These are the three things I need to conquer together to really succeed. One of these on their own is not enough to keep pushing this in the right direction. Two of them might, for a while, keep the positive progress going but these are my big three challenges.

Health update.

Alright, lets talk about that “health blip” from 29th April:
2:27am on 29th, I woke up with excessive chest pain (2nd night in a row). This time, I was very scared and in way more pain than the previous night. My chest felt like it was wanting to punch out of my rib cage. Thumping and beating like high BPM trance track.
I called 111, they called an ambulance and I found myself in A&E until 11am being monitored and observed. Ended up awake for around 27 hours with about 7-8 hours of those wired up in A&E. I was terrified, tired and made a lot of people worried. I spent next few days only resting and being so focused on every little off beat my heart would make. Mentally, I was a wreck.

Fast forward in time and on 12th May I had a follow up appointment with the rapid access chest pain clinic to get checked over, sort of. The Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic (RACPC) was set up to see people with chest pain and identify early those with heart symptoms and angina. Pretty standard to see them if you goto your GP or end up in A&E with chest pain. I say “sort of” get checked over because they could only quiz me, look at my history (which was grossly outdated) and give me an ECG. The other 3 tests they would have done… I am too fat for them to do with the resources they had 😐. Yup.

Aaaaaanyway, I was informed the chest pains I had that night were NOT cardiac related! Excellent news!
What caused the rapid chest pains? Who knows… I am a medical enigma I swear.

With the information that it was not cardiac related, I can safely return to the gym (went yesterday after work, next session is Monday) and get moving again.

Been a mad few weeks but I am safe and the road ahead is clear-ish. Anyway, here’s the gif:~

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