Weight Log: 36 - Shortages and Stress

Published: 2023-11-01 // Progress since last post: +0.7 kg

Latest recorded weight:

188.0 kg - 414.5 lb - 29 stone and 8.5 lb - BMI: 58.0

The 18th October post never happened, I was in a right state worrying about my Flu/COVID jab. Thankfully I had the Pfizer COVID vaccine which I was all okay with. The flu jab kicked my arse for 2 days but I kept going.

Monday 23rd October I got a letter from my GP surgery saying I have chronic kidney disease (stage 3) which put me into a right tizzy. The letter itself was just “Oh you have chronic kidney disease stage 3, if you want anything else you’ll have to make an appointment”. I… just… wtf. So booked an appointment for this Tuesday. GP surgery did apologise for the “poorly worded letter” the next day. Pfft sure, well who ever is in charge of the letters needs a slap because oh it gets worse for them… I had my call with the GP and I DON’T HAVE CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE. My kidneys are tip top considering the rest of me. Like actually healthy. My GP had no idea why I was sent the letter! So a week of panic and extra stress for NOTHING.

While I’m freaking about the kidney disease I don’t have (not that I know yet), go to the pharmacy and there is a Victoza® shortage, again. Contact the GP surgery pharmacist and she managed to find me one pen at another pharmacy in town. Dropped my dose back down and have to check weekly if any has come in as my supply trickles away. So that’s annoying. Withdrawal will be very nauseous.

Back to me and now. Yes, I’ve gained. At this point while I do not stress eat as bad as I did in the past, it still helps short term. Some people smoke, drink etc. I eat. Current theory between my family and partner is that my raised stress might have some affects slowing down my weight even ignoring the eating changes. Makes sense to me. Should really research stress on weight loss. I also think the batteries in my scales might be low which might mess with the numbers.

Anyway, diet is a bit of a mess. Very stressed out the past 2 weeks which might mess with weight loss and my upset guts. Plus side is exercise. My endurance and walking has just got better and better still. I’m able to race up and down stairs mostly fine again! You might think that’s not substantial but remember I’m moving over 29 stone up against gravity. So got that going for me. Took my better half’s doggo out for a walk again last weekend too between the rain. So yeah numbers go up but I feel fitter 💪.

Diet 😒 / Mental willpower 😟 / Exercise 🚶‍♂️ 💪

So going forward, I’ve changed the batteries in the scales and will weigh myself daily for a week to see how it goes. Why? See how much per day it varies. Might have to start taking the average if daily weighing works out. Wish me luck?

Anyway, here’s the gif:~