Weight Log: 3.5 - New scales - New weight?!

Published: 2021-04-03

Latest recorded weight:

179.8 kg - 396.4 lb - 28 stone and 4.4 lb - BMI: 55.5

New scales!

Not much to say really. With new scales that go up to 200kg and have a larger standing area they gave me the same recording 3 times in a row so I’m happy. This does mean I will have to reset, start again with this being the new baseline since the last recordings were with different scales.

Not giving up, just starting again.
Still if we go from last old scale reading to new scales reading, I’m -0.9 kg down still. I’m taking that as a win.

Anyway, here’s the gif:~ See you on 15th.

Coming in future posts: