Weight Log: 26 - Back to the Lab Again, Yo, This Whole Rhapsody

Published: 2022-09-07 // Progress since last post: +2.3 kg

Latest recorded weight:

183.3 kg - 404.1 lb - 28 stone and 12.1 lb - BMI: 56.6

The Staph Infection That Just Won’t Go Away.

Yup, my staph infection still has not healed. Turns out with possible blood flow issues in the large arteries and veins in my legs (Doppler ultrasound exam due late October) plus being Type 2 diabetic, healing is more at a glacial pace. The staph bacteria area is still getting treated every Wednesday with a bonus this time of a HbA1c blood test. Thank goodness for Weekend Wednesdays. No more fever and all that, just the ultra sexy multi-layer compression bandaging, going from toe to knee. What a pain.

Other than my gammy leg, not much else to report. I’ve let myself go with regards to thinking of food and diet. Intermittent fasting is hit or miss for me now. With the option of gastric surgery (waiting list is 18 months+), I’ve been encouraged to try and get back into an eaten pattern. Lunch makes me so lethargic though so it sucks while I’m at work especially when I’m normally having a later lunch break. I have been walking a bit more but it’s still difficult. Been sleeping some what better which is wonderful. I am noticing more and more that I take FOREVER to “wake up” so if you need me to be anywhere near functional as a human, make sure its an afternoon. Mentally I’m in crunch mode at work with my first big IT project so I’m just pushing through until the end when I have 11 days annual leave which will be well needed. Maybe I can escape away somewhere for a long weekend… hmm…

Diet 😑 / Mental willpower 😒 / Exercise 🚷

Back to regular updates so next post is due 21st September 2022.

Anyway, here’s a dramatisation of the staph infection and my leg in gif form:~