Weight Log: 18 - Welcome to the 2022

Published: 2022-01-01 // Progress since last post: +2.7 kg

Latest recorded weight:

179.3 kg - 395.3 lb - 28 stone and 3.3 lb - BMI: 55.3

December was a rollercoaster.

Weight wise, I’m back to where I was mid November 2021. Still below 180kg and 400lb line which is my line that I do not want to cross again. Why did I not blog mid December? Well it has been a mad month and while I did weight myself, I just did not have the time/energy to do a post beyond another half post. Compared to mid February 2021 when I started all this, I’ve managed to hold onto a 3.3kg loss. In the scale of things, not a great loss but I have nearly added a stone (6.3kg) to my weight since I was about 16 (I was around 16 stone then) so starting a year on a loss is great for me.

Diet πŸŽ„ / Mental willpower πŸ˜₯ / Exercise ❌ πŸ”œ 😷

Coronavirus and the Omicron variant is making planning anything hard both health wise and socially. Do I want to go back to the gym, hell yes. Do I want to risk exposure to Omicron? Hell no. While I am vaccinated and boostered πŸ’‰ πŸ’‰ πŸ’‰, I still need to avoid catching Omicron. Long term health implications of Coronavirus are still wildly unknown. Had routine hospital stuff pushed back over and over so I do not expect much support from NHS until pressure is eased. On top of me wanting to avoid Omicron, starting in the afternoon of the 30th December I got a severe fever (Tested, COVID negative) and it looks like I have [redacted] so currently treating that and will get back on track before I think about things like exercising during heightened COVID-19 spread times πŸ“ˆ.

I’m hopeful that 2022 is the beginning of the end for both Coronavirus and a lot of personal roadblocks from health, social and mental categories. First step, kicking this infection and adapting to any changes and challenges brought on by post Christmas/New Year Omicron spread. Happy 2022 to anyone who reads this. Your comments, words and feedback drives me. My hope with the blogging is to show how complex weight loss can be and its not just the classic β€œEat less, move more”.

Stay safe people! Update coming 15th January 2022.

Things I want to post about:

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