Weight Log: 17 - My diet is trash

Published: 2021-11-15 // Progress since last post: +4.2 kg

Latest recorded weight:

178.7 kg - 394 lb - 28 stone and 2 lb - BMI: 55.2

Absolute trash.

You can already tell what went wrong. I let my focus on eating slip and I fell off the diet wagon. With my metabolism being so wrecked thanks to elevated cortisol levels, I fall hard when I fall off the diet. I’ll get back on it, I always do. Blogging about this twice a month has been a journey in understanding my own behaviours and patterns. You will be seeing more X.5 blog posts like the one from 1st November. They will either be lighter post or just weight progress posts (with gif). Keep the log going with the same accountability but with less words.

I will keep trying, keep going. The support I have is incredible and it really does help more than I can express. Time to get mindful of my eating again. Think and focus on food/diet. I know if I do well I can lose 2kg a week.

Diet 💩 / Mental willpower 😞 / Exercise ❌

Outside of stressing, working and eating; I have been working on a side project I’ve dubbed “Project: Fenrir” (name is an easter egg if you have played EVE: Online) which has been taking up a lot of my free time. Tinkering with technologies and software is just as fulfilling for me as finishing a crochet project or completing a video game. Got the final phase of that project this weekend before I can call it “production ready” by my standards. More on that with a later, not weight log blog post.

Things I want to post about:

Anyway, here’s the gif:~

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