Weight Log: 17.5 - Booster blowout

Published: 2021-12-01 // Progress since last post: -2.1 kg

Latest recorded weight:

176.6 kg - 389.3 lb - 27 stone and 11.3 lb - BMI: 54.5

17th November I had my booster an oh lordy that was… an event. I had a rare adverse reaction to it and ended up in A&E then having 8 days off work. Better now and booster bolstered so all good. With all that you get a half post. Shocked at my loss considering I was bed bound for nearly a week but yeah I’ll take a win.

Diet 😒 / Mental willpower 😫 / Exercise ❌

Holidays are coming, I can’t deny it any longer. 🎅 🎄 🎁

Time to mask up 😷 ⬆️ and loosen those belts because after the mess that was Christmas 2020, we all really need something good to carry us forward.

Anyway, here’s the gif:~

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