Weight Log: 12 - Burnout

Published: 2021-08-15 // Progress since last post: +3.0 kg

Latest recorded weight:

179.5 kg - 395.7 lb - 28 stone and 3.7 lb - BMI: 55.4

Bad eating, bad gains.

Last 2 weeks have been rough. Work/life balance for me has been thrown off and its been so stressful. For about a week my body was physically burnt out to the point I could not do more than half a gym session without feeling dizzy. Having no time to even compose myself has left me so mentally wreaked. This has resulted in me not being mindful of food, missing meals then over eating to compensate. Structured eating has gone to shit and it shows.

It’s feeling more and more that I have to be perfect to lose any weight. Good enough is not good enough. Need to be perfect with all three goals to win. No second place, no room for error. This battle is exhausting and it’s got me all burnt out. Anyway, that’s enough self criticism for now. I will re-focus my efforts to getting on top of diet once again. Right now this will be a struggle as I am just burnt out from so much.

Diet ✗ / Mental willpower ~ / Exercise ✔

Short and sweet this week. Ate bad, missed a week of exercising by pushing myself too hard and everything is exhausting me. Still won’t give up, even when being kicked down.

Anyway, here’s Paul Hollywood with the gif:~

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