Pokémon Crystal: Nuzlocke Challenge #02 - Route 32, Union Cave, Route 33 & Azalea Town

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Pokémon Crystal: Nuzlocke

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Route 32, Union Cave & Route 33.

Falkner, done. Egg, got. Pokémon, fed and watered. Let’s go! Next place is Route 32 and new route means new capture which is always an event in a Nuzlocke. Nice amount of trainers on this route for training also so lots of promise for progress! Woooo!

Well… shit. Yeah I one hit the Wooper. 8% encounter rate at night and I murdered the poor bugger. With my first death while trying to get a new catch I felt a bit dumb and needed to focus. No Wooper or Quagsire in my future. I carry on clearing the trainers and fighting wild Pokés on the route and its arond this point I regret giving Youngster Joey my phone number. RING RING Youngster Joey… RING RING Youngster Joey… RING RING Youngster Joey… Starting to get a dislike for not just his Rattata but all Rattata.

I’m leaving the Ruins of Alph alone for now until much much later. Pushing forward I talk to a man about his Old Rod, a dodgy man tries to sell me (a 10 year old kid) a Slowpoke tail for $1,000,000. Sadly I am not that rich and decline, heading into Union Cave. New area so new capture so long as I don’t murder this one.

Yeah, Rattata. I blame Youngster Joey– well I actually blame the 50% encounter rate at night for Rattata. Only non duplicate from Union Cave would have been Onix at night with 10% chance. Same stuff, taking down trainers and wild Pokés. If I had galaxy brain, I could have bought Repels (I think) and tried to NOT get a wild encounter so I could later bag the Lapras that hides in the lower levels only on a Friday. But I’m still pretty green to Nuzlocke and Crystal. Not much else happened and we exit onto Route 33.

This is an interesting quirk of the Duplicate clause, some earlier areas might not have anything you can get. Doubly so with Generation 2’s Morning/Day/Night cycle. Route 33’s night encounters are Geodude (Got), Rattata (Fresh got) and Zubat (Got). I will have to return during the day to try for either a Spearow, Hoppop or Ekans.

Azalea Town - Sloooooowpoke.

Many friendly Slowpoke used to roam freely around Azalea Town, but something has made them disappear. It’s pretty certain that Team Rocket is behind the disappearance as one of their Grunts is blocking the entrance to the Well. Kurt the blacksmith is going to do something about it. Once I’ve healed up and visited Kurt’s House, I learn the details of the Slowpoke disappearance. Kurt rushes out and the man who was blocking the well is gone. Go down into the well to help Kurt defeat the 5 or so Team Rocket members and make Azalea Town a safe place for Slowpoke once more. But new area means new capture!

Given the name of the area, you’d assume I’d bag a Slowpoke. I wanted to play it different. The Old Rod is infamous for being only good for Magikarp but some changes in Gen 2 I think means it can catch other Pokémon but its a low low chance. Walking around its only Slowpoke and Zubat (duplicate) so I try my luck. To my surprise I land a Goldeen, a 10% encounter rate Old Rod Fishing in Slowpoke Well. Right, time to clear out Team Rocket and save the Slowpoke of Azalea Town!

First death… I saw red. Team Rocket will pay. I beat the rest of them into oblivion and they scurry away. I’m thanked for saving the Slowpoke but at what cost. Back to the Pokémon center I say goodbye to Hoothoot and release them. sigh. No rest for the wicked, I pick Gastly to join the party and begin grinding their Level 3 ass up to par with my other party members. Lots of wild battles and even some of the Azalea Gym trainers as I prepare for Bugsy and his Scyther when WHOH!

The egg I acquired in Violet City hatches into Togepi! This isn’t a surprise if you’ve watch the Pokémon anime as a kiddo or played Generation 2 back in the day. Still I call Professor Elm and he says to come back and visit him. Why I thought to do this right away, I dunno. I backtrack to New Bark Town for: an Everstone. This item stops a Pokémon evolving which is not useful for me at all. Well I guess I’ll head back to where I should be and continue training for the gym. Back to Azalea and I decide to try the Rival fight for the exp gain before going for the gym. Trying to get into the Ilex Forest triggers this fight and oh boy, this was a tough fight but ultimately everyone survived. Going back to heal I feel confident enough to clear the gym and take on the leader. Let’s do this.

Azalea Gym & Ilex Forest

Time for the gym and time again for my secret weapon to shiny. Geodude just breezed thought Twins Amy & May, Bug Catcher Josh, Bug Catcher Al and Bug Catcher Benny to reach Leader Bugsy. Quick safety heal and its time. Geodude rolled through Leader Bugsy’s bug types including Scyther. Level 16 Rock beats Birb and Bug. Hive Badge! Huh that was… easy? I have a little time left today… Onwards to Ilex Forest.

For a forest you’d assume be full of BUG types, I get an Oddish. Turns out 50% encounter rate at night on Crystal so that shut me up. Into the box for now little one. Walking through I notice a problem, a CUT tree blocks the path. Hive Badge lets me use HM01 CUT outside of battle but I don’t have it yet. I then find the Charcoal Maker’s Apprentice who has lost a Farfetch’d. If I find this leaky bird, I get HM01 CUT. Well alright then. Farfetch’d is in the middle of the forest, but when you approach it, it runs away. Neat little loop puzzle around and come at it from behind, chasing it right into the apprentice’s arms! Reward as promised, HM01 CUT. Teaching CUT to Bellsprout and this seemed like a good time to save and end this chapter of the Nuzlocke.

Next stop: More Ilex Forest, Route 34, Goldenrod City & Goldenrod Gym

The Team after beating Bugsy for the Hive Badge plus helping the The Charcoal Maker’s Apprentice

Totodile Geodude Spinarak Bellsprout Gastly Togepi
Totodile Geodude Spinarak Bellsprout Gastly Togepi
Level 14 Level 16 Level 12 Level 17 Level 14 Level 10
Starter Route 46 Route 30 Route 31 Sprout Tower Violet City

Stored in the PC

Zubat Rattata Goldeen Oddish
Zubat Rattata Goldeen Oddish
Level 4 Level 6 Level 10 Level 5
Dark Cave Union Cave Slowpoke Well (Old Rod) Ilex Forest

The graveyard

Slowpoke Well vs Rocket Grunt’s Koffing

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