Pokémon Crystal: Nuzlocke Challenge #01 - And so it begins...

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Pokémon Crystal: Nuzlocke

And so it begins…

Pokémon Crystal is the third and final Second Generation game for Game Boy Color. It featured various fixes and some new additions, most notably the introduction of the option to play as a girl (Although I picked Boy still). It takes place in the region of Johto like Gold and Silver. Starting in New Bark Town, I set the time and day (Gen 2 has time based mechanics) then pop into the local Pokémon lab to see Professor Elm. Here is our first choice and first Pokémon of the run. I have a soft spot for the water starters in most Pokémon games (Red/Blue I am a Bulbasaur boy) so this was a no brainer, Totodile welcome to the party! As I said in my post outlining the rules, I won’t be forcing nicknames. While I have my first Pokémon, I don’t have Pokéballs so can’t catch anything yet so time to run some errands before the real challenge begins… something about a Pokémon Egg?!

With Totodile I can now get to Mr. Pokémon’s house without any major issue. Bump into Professor Oak from Red/Blue/Yellow, get a free Pokédex, get given a Pokémon Egg and run back to New Bark Town. On the way back I got attacked by some mysterious Pokémon Trainer with a Chikorita. Totodile just Scratches that thing to death and mysterious trainer just runs away… Well alright then. New Bark Town and someone has broken into Professor Elm’s lab and has stolen a Chikorita 🤔 wonder who did that. After getting quizzed by the police on the Pokémon thief I named the thief “NUZLOCK” (yes, I hit a character limit). This Trainer will become the rival. On my way out the door, some aide of the Professor gives me 5x Pokéballs.

With Pokéballs in bag…

The Nuzlocke begins!

Well nearly, mom insists she saves some of the money I will be EARNING as a 10 or 11 year old kid running around battling monsters? Yeah, Pokémon. With that fluff done, I head west to the first place I can catch a new Pokémon.

Now might be a good time to point out the time based mechanics again. Some Pokémon as well as some events only happen during either day or night. Some events also only happen on certain days so some things to think about for catches later. Being night when I started this, Hoothoot was my first encounter with a 55% encounter rate at night. Nothing else to say, this was a simple throw and catch. No Drama. Connected to Route 29 is Route 46 to the north. While I can’t progress this way, it is a new route so new encounter.

This was a coinflip on getting either boring Rattata or the amazing Geodude. Luck was on my side and we got Geodude which being a Rock/Ground type will be our MVP when it comes to the First Gym Leader Falkner who has a team of Flying types who are weak to Rock attacks. Backtracking there is not much in Cherrygrove City for us so onward and north to Route 30-31 and Dark Cave.

Route 30 means new catch and also the first route with normal trainer battles. Spinarak becomes our next catch with a 30% encounter rate at night. Nuzlocke is interesting how it’ll make me use Pokémon I would normally just disregard. Bug/Poison isn’t great but this spider trains fast so could be useful. Falling into a state of lull while training on wild Pokémon we get our first close call with Geodude vs Poliwag. This wild level 4 Poliwag nearly ruined my game plan for the first gym with one Bubble attack. Now with renewed focus, I continued to grind and beat trainers on the route (shout out to Youngster Joey) before arriving at Route 31.

Alright we are getting some type coverage, Bellsprout being Grass/Poison with a 20% encounter rate at night. Bellsprout should be able to learn Sleep Powder in the future to help catch future Pokés. 2 Poison types so far isn’t great but kind of out of my control. More battles, more trainers and then quick dip into Dark Cave for another catch.

Ugh… Zubat. Well okay, I mean Zubat does have a new evolution in this game so that might be fun. 39% encounter rate at night and a Poison/Flying type… Another Poison type. 60% encounter here is Geodude which following the Dupes Clause means I could skip it. If I was playing during the day there was a 5% chance of a Teddiursa and a 1% chance of a Dunsparce during day or night. Should have maybe come back here during the day? Meh, carry on. Somehow Bug Catcher Wade poisons a SOLID ROCK… but cured of that I make my way to Violet City.

Violet City - First Gym in sight.

Violet City has two major highlights: First Gym and Sprout Tower. While Geodude could maybe wipe the Flying type gym now, I wanted to train in Sprout Tower first plus there is an opportunity to catch a Ghost type Pokémon, Gastly as well.

Coming here at night was the best move. 85% encounter rate at night, Gastly is a welcome edition. Ghost/Poison… I swear I’m not trying to become a Poison trainer. During the day the tower has 100% chance of Rattata, ew. I am here in Sprout Tower to train!… Sprout Tower… Rock/Ground Geodude… Yeah I did not pick up on this until the first trainer. Every single trainer in here as Bellsprout with some adding a Hoothoot as well. This was not good for Geodude so I trained other Pokés for now. There was one tricky wild Gastly I encountered at Level 3 of Sprout Tower who managed to Lick and Paralyze over half my party (the half with attacks that can hit a Ghost type) before I was able to run. That was annoying but few more battles and Sprout Tower is complete! HM 05 (Flash) acquired.

Geodude still being level 10 at this point does not have a Rock type move but she’s close to level up so I decided to give the gym trainers a shot. After smashing Bird Keeper Abe’s Spearow with tackle, Geodude levels up and learns Rock Throw. Welcome to Falkner - Easy mode. Rock Throw, Rock Throw, Rock Throw, Rock Throw and done. Zephyr Badge and TM 31 (Mud-Slap) acquired.

Leaving the gym victorious we get a call from Professor Elm about that Egg we delivered. Heading to the Violet City Pokémon Center then speaking with his aide we are given the Mystery Egg to carry around. All healed up, party shuffled around and Egg being carried, this seems like a good stopping point for this post and today.

Next stop: Route 32, Union Cave, Route 33 and Azalea Town.

The Team after beating Falkner for the Zephyr Badge

Totodile Hoothoot Geodude Spinarak Bellsprout Egg
Totodile Hoothoot Geodude Spinarak Bellsprout Egg
Level 9 Level 6 Level 12 Level 10 Level 5 ???
Starter Route 29 Route 46 Route 30 Route 31 Violet City

Stored in the PC

Zubat Gastly
Zubat Gastly
Level 4 Level 3
Dark Cave Sprout Tower

The graveyard

None! Yet…

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