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Pokémon Crystal: Nuzlocke Challenge #02 - Route 32, Union Cave, Route 33 & Azalea Town

Previous Post:~ Pokémon Crystal: Nuzlocke Challenge #01 Route 32, Union Cave & Route 33. Falkner, done. Egg, got. Pokémon, fed and watered. Let’s go! Next place is Route 32 and new route means new capture which is always an event in a Nuzlocke. Nice amount of trainers on this route for training also so lots of promise for progress! Woooo! Route 32 Encounter: Zubat Dupe, Wooper (Fainted) Well… shit.

Pokémon Crystal: Nuzlocke Challenge #01 - And so it begins...

And so it begins… Pokémon Crystal is the third and final Second Generation game for Game Boy Color. It featured various fixes and some new additions, most notably the introduction of the option to play as a girl (Although I picked Boy still). It takes place in the region of Johto like Gold and Silver. Starting in New Bark Town, I set the time and day (Gen 2 has time based mechanics) then pop into the local Pokémon lab to see Professor Elm.

Pokémon Crystal: Nuzlocke Challenge #00 - Look what I found!

Oh hey, look what I found! All this started when I was sorting through some boxes to rearrange the storage in both my home office and bedroom. During this shuffle, I found my Nintendo 64 transfer pack with a copy of Pokémon Crystal in it. Now owning a copy of Pokémon Stadium 2 I decided to throw it into my Nintendo 64, attached the transfer pack only to discover the inevitable horror of all old Game Boy game collectors… the battery in Pokémon Crystal was dead.